Jump the Broom Wedding Photography is little old me; Emma Campbell and I want to ensure your wedding photography is unique to you.

Without interrupting the natural flow of things, I’ll reflect the ambience and beauty with my camera.  A wedding is thrilling to follow the whole day, from bathrobes and make-up, until the last guest standing.  The art of taking pictures without you even noticing, is one I take great pride in.  Weddings are about celebrating love and I make sure this shines through in the images.  The two of you are the main ‘stars’, but what is life without friends and family?  I will feature as many of the guests as possible as well as the moments between them and you.

I have been incredibly lucky to have been a wedding photographer and a part of so many people’s wedding celebrations, I would be thrilled to be a part of yours.

Since emerging with BA in Documentary Photography from the University of Wales over a decade ago, I have continued to work in the photographic industry, honing my knowledge and experience over time.  I have been published by several major publishers and broadcasters, including the BBC and The Times newspapers, I even won the first BBC Electric Proms Photography prize!  Now, back in Belfast and with an MFA in Photography, I feel privileged to be welcomed into families in order to document their special occasions.
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 “JUMP the BROOM” comes from one of the oldest marriage traditions from the Celts, predating even the handfast cord. Some scholars have traced the broom-jumping tradition to a centuries-old Welsh custom,’priodas coes ysgub’ or “broom-stick wedding”.

© Emma Campbell